Margins of the Academy

This assignment was written to specifically focus on an important story within an interesting person’s life.

“You’ve had eight abortions? Are you sure?”

Dr. Debra Curtis cringes when remembering this response, which has since been immortalized on a tape recorder. Anthropology field work require neutrality in order to establish rapport between the researcher and the subject. If somebody feels judged, he or she is less likely to provide honest answers.

She was interviewing Aniela, a woman from Guyana who moved to Nevis and lived there with her husband for most of her life. Aniela talked about her lack of educational opportunities and poverty, residing in a house without running water and cared for her dying father in the black of night. 

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Truth to the Lie: The Children’s Hour – by Nicole Sanacore

The Everlasting Irony of Jurassic Park’s Legacy by Robert Asher

The Love Witch: Turning Intimacy and Romance Into Feminist Horror by Nicole Sanacore

Teen Spirit: A Muddled Yet Pleasant Debut That Celebrates Escapism Through Music by Kaiya Shunyata

Blinded By The Light: A Celebration of Dreams And What Inspires Us To Follow Them by Holly Weaver

Fast Color: A Poignant Superhero-Drama That Demands to be Seen by Kaiya Shunyata

The Creative History of Pre-Internet Music Piracy

This assignment was written to model “The Explainer” type of magazine articles.

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In the current age of internet streaming, which has killed pure album sales and underpaid musicians due to accessibility and low-cost, music piracy almost feels obsolete. Yet, according to Rolling Stone, about thirty-eight percent of internet users still pirate their music. Despite the high-profile shutdown of websites such as Limewire and Napster in the early twenty-first century, the vastness of the internet allows for bootlegging to thrive since websites can easily switch their domains while servers reroute their locations. Although the internet allows for file-to-file sharing to be easy and anonymous, the realms of cyberspace didn’t mark the beginning to this crime. So how was music privacy able to thrive in a world before the Internet?

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